Come One, Come All to the Spooky & Fantastic Creeping Museum Artist Market

That’s right….you know who you are….you, who loves spooky, magically, dark things….this is the artist market for you. I invite you to a wonderful Saturday afternoon and evening with the Creeping Museum in which they will inspire awe and enchantment in you. I’ll be there with over 40 other amazing artists who will show you a good time with all their dark art goodies. Come one, come all tomorrow, August 24th 4-9pm at Alberta Abbey (126 N.E. Alberta Street in Northeast Portland. Free general admission 4-9pm). See you there.

9x9 Collage-Art From the Strange Land-Melissa Kojima.jpg
Creeping Museum Artist Market-1.png
Creeping Museum Artist Market-Roster.png

2 Bits of Good Art News for Art From the Strange Land of Beelaungeen

Do you get into the rut of accentuating the negative instead of the positive? I do too. I think about what I lack. I think about what I want. I think that if only I had———you name it——-and it would make my life easier, happier, better in some way. You do that too? Well, today, I’m doing the opposite and letting you in on 2 bits of good news for Art From the Strange Land of Beelaungeen—-what I mean is good news about my art——and what I mean by art is the art I create for you who likes my strange artwork.

  1. MY “MOONS, MAGIC AND NIGHT TIME GIRLS CARD SET” WILL BE SELLING AT RIVERSEA GALLERY: This Astoria, Oregon Coast gallery will soon sell my 5 cards at their gallery. They will be sold individually for $5.00 each. I showed the gallery owner the set and she said she’d love to sell them. This is the first time I’ll have any art or products in this gallery and the first time I’ll be sell my cards at a brick and mortar business, so it is exciting.

  2. I’LL BE ILLUSTRATING THE MAY ISSUE OF METAPHOROSIS, SPECULATIVE FICTION MAGAZINE: I’ve illustrated the cover 3 times before, but it’s always fun and always good news to be doing a cover for this magazine with sci-fi and fantasy short stories. I’ve been sent a few of the stories to be in the May issue, so I can decide what to create for the cover. I think it will be hard to decide because the stories are so strange and interesting, full of fantastical imagery. I’ll be sharing the process and my progress in the weeks to come.

Do you have any bits of good news to break through the negative? Do tell. I could use some good news from you.

Here's to Strong, Strange, Amazing Women Who Refuse to Fit It In and Defiantly Be Themselves!

It’s International Women’s Day so I had to just say hooray for all the strange, strong and awesome ladies in my life. This seems an appropriate time to name a few of them.

There’s my Canadian graffiti artist friend who has always been a champion for my art even when it sucked when I was starting out! There’s my 80 year old gal pal who still swims on a regular basis and tells me to never give up even when the going has been very tough. There’s my Hungarian friend who is just the sweetest, kindest animal loving gal I know. There’s my Dodger loving babe who creates amazing crochet jewelry like a lotus bracelet for me.

My drawing of strange, mysterious women, titled, “Night Time Magic Girls in Masks”.  Detail of it is available as a $5.00 card here.

My drawing of strange, mysterious women, titled, “Night Time Magic Girls in Masks”. Detail of it is available as a $5.00 card here.

There are sooooo many more. Thank you, awesome ladies for being in my life! Hooray for you and hooray for all women everywhere. May you feel strong enough to be who you are in all your realness, in all your glory. I wish the same for myself.


Here’s another peek at my desk as I get ready for the Wizard World Comic at the end of February. This is going to be “Lady Bat” and she will be available to purchase at my artist alley table. I’ll keep giving you more peeks in the weeks to come. If you do come, please use my discount code: KOJIMA20 for 20% off on admission price.

Lady Bat WIP Drawing-2.jpg


Yes, I’m still working on getting new art done for Wizard World Comic Con at the end of February. Here’s a peek at what’s on my desk. You can see magic girls in masks and some night time things (Lady Bat). If you plan on coming to see all the strange art I’m creating, please use my special code (KOJIMA20) to get the discount you deserve.

Night Time Magic Girls Art on Desk-WIP.jpg

If you remember from last week, I was working on the moon drawing I’m calling, “What We Do When We’re Queens”. I have made a little progress on the lady’s dress and made her face a little more shadowy.

Moons and Night Time Magic Girls Drawing WIP-2.jpg

I’ll be sure to post more peeks as I make more progress.

Moons & Night Time Magic Girls for the Wizard World Comic Con (WIP Part I)

Here’s the first peek on the work in progress of one of the drawings I’m working on for the Wizard World Comic Con. I don’t want to say much about it since I keep things on the hush-hush until they are fully completed. But it is part of a series of drawings with moons and night time magic girls. I’ve been calling this one, “What We Do When We Are Queens”. I’ll reveal more in the weeks to come.

Moons & Night Time Magic--What We Do When We Are Queens WIP.jpg

The Secret Society of Magical Creatures Gets Strange at TEDx Mt. Hood 2018

Yes, this was one of the strangest…..dare I say, magical….opportunities that the Secret Society of Magical Creatures had last year. I didn’t get many photos to share with you of my TEDx Mt. Hood presentation, because….well, you know….I was presenting and couldn’t take photos. Not to mention, In the dark with candles on all the tables, it was hard to get a good, clear shot of the action. Officially, my presentation was called, “an action break”, in which participants could choose an activity to do between talks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures was 1 of 4 activities to choose from. Fortunately, there was a professional, TEDx photographer to capture some of the strangeness .…er…magic.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-1.jpg

Another very fortunate thing was that Blick Art Materials helped sponsor my presentation. It was so nice to get some support and encouragement for this strange society which seeks to help you find your magical quest.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-2.jpg

I took the participants through the first few secret documents from the “How to Discover Your Magical Creature and Magical Quest Book”. You can see the cover of the book above as it was projected on a white board. Some participants got brave and shared what they discovered with the entire group, including their magical creature. I found it very touching and many of us applauded their bravery.

If you’d like to buy your own copy of this very secret and magical book……maybe…strange is more accurate, I’m offering a magical discount on it for 1 week until Jan 22, 2019 . Use code MAGIC75 to get 75% off the regular price.

Who Else Is Haunted By the Moon? (Moon Lady Drawing WIP)

I have a friend who has some moon tattoos. He has a different phase of the moon on each arm. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people with different moon phase tattoos (do you have any?). I think all these people are haunted by the moon. I too feel the moon’s irresistible pull. In fact, you’ll find many moons in my art.


For my friend with the moon tattoos, I made this Moon Lady homemade card. I thought it should look mysterious and lovely, strange and unworldly. To make sure the card did that, I cut out a little flap to open and see what was behind the face of the moon. What would the moon be thinking or feeling if you could peel back her face and take a peek? I came up with 2 ideas: 1) stars sparkling 2) colors sizzling. Which one do you like better? I ended up choosing to put the sizzling colors behind the flap, but made a gif so you could see both of them.

When Stories Are Hidden, Do They Die An Untimely Death?

Recently I heard about a little girl who liked to tell stories about a mysterious cookie jar.

The cookie jar was shaped like a big Victorian house. It had a turret, winding staircases, and far more balconies than was probably wise.

The house-shaped cookie jar lived in the little girl's kitchen. When her grandfather came to visit in the summers, she would tell him stories about how the house was filled with secret passageways that led to secret rooms where there were secret tea parties. How the windows always shone brightly even in the middle of the night. How you needed to know the secret password in order to be let inside.

After a while, as often happens, the little girl started to grow up. She still told stories now and then, but mostly she scribbled them in notebooks that she hid in boxes that never saw the light of day. She began to wonder if there wasn't something a little strange about loving stories so much.

A few years ago, the little girl (who isn't so little anymore) moved to a magical place where, much to her surprise, she found other people who loved stories as much as she did. They also had boxes of notebooks (or sketchbooks, or photographs, or magical business plans) hidden in their closets. They also cried at movies and read books late into the night.

The little girl realized then that there were so many stories that were hidden, not being shared with the world. Because people were afraid. Because they'd been told their stories didn't matter.

But stories do matter.

I recently sat down with that little girl, whose name is Katy, as part of the Inspired Connections Summit, a free virtual event all about the power of stories and how we can use them to find other magical creatures like ourselves.

Creatures with amazing, inspiring stories that need to be told.

Join us, along with other creative lovers of stories, starting August 2. You can sign up for free here: Inspired Connections Summit.

The Best Art Event in Portland Is The Strange & Magical "Monster Drawing Rally"

What should an art event have to be deemed The Best Art Event in Portland?  Well, it should:

  1. Sweep you away in all the excitement happening around you.
  2. Make you feel like you're in on a secret or something very rare and special.  
  3. Give you something unique that you didn't expect and that keeps you asking for more.  
The Monster Drawing Rally sign at the Portland Art Museum.

The Monster Drawing Rally sign at the Portland Art Museum.

The "Monster Drawing Rally" at the Portland Art Museum is that art event.  2017 is the 3rd time that the museum will put on this strange and magical event.  There are 100 artists participating who donate their time and talent to raise funds for the museum's children's art programs.  In 3 one-hour shifts, artists from Portland draw or paint for 1 hour, creating as many works of art as they can in that short time.  When the art is done, it's put up on a wall to behold and to be sold for only $35.00.

One row of the many artists creating at the Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.

One row of the many artists creating at the Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.

Right before your eyes, artists materialize beautiful, strange or funny art like a magician pulling fantastic creatures from his top hat.  With all the music pumping around you, so many different artists creating beautiful art each hour, and delicious food scents filling the air, you cannot help but be swept away in the non-stop fun and excitement.  Amazing sights, sounds, scents, tastes and touches thrill all 5 of your senses.  If you don't like the art move on to watch the next art being created.  If you weren't able to buy the art that you wanted, there's bound to be another artist creating another magical artwork for you.  As the artists form their creations, you're let in on the secret of how it's done.  You get to witness what's usually done behind the closed studio doors.  You have no idea what each artist will create.  It's a surprise.  Each artwork is unique and you just want the magic to keep going on and on.  Encore.  More please.  But it only lasts for 3 hours.  Hopefully, by the time the last artist stops drawing or painting, you've gotten your very own piece of strange magic from the "Monster Drawing Rally".

Melissa Kojima (me) drawing at the Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.

Melissa Kojima (me) drawing at the Monster Drawing Rally at the Portland Art Museum.

This will be my 2nd year to participate as one of the 100 artists donating my time and talent.  I cannot describe how thrilled I am to be a part of the Best Art Event in Portland.  It will be Friday, July 14th 6-9pm at the Portland Art Museum.  Would you want to come and have the time of your life?  Or do you need to wash your hair that night?  Come with dirty hair.  No one will care.

All the artwork I created in 1 hour at the Monster Drawing Rally sold.

All the artwork I created in 1 hour at the Monster Drawing Rally sold.