2 Bits of Good Art News for Art From the Strange Land of Beelaungeen

Do you get into the rut of accentuating the negative instead of the positive? I do too. I think about what I lack. I think about what I want. I think that if only I had———you name it——-and it would make my life easier, happier, better in some way. You do that too? Well, today, I’m doing the opposite and letting you in on 2 bits of good news for Art From the Strange Land of Beelaungeen—-what I mean is good news about my art——and what I mean by art is the art I create for you who likes my strange artwork.

  1. MY “MOONS, MAGIC AND NIGHT TIME GIRLS CARD SET” WILL BE SELLING AT RIVERSEA GALLERY: This Astoria, Oregon Coast gallery will soon sell my 5 cards at their gallery. They will be sold individually for $5.00 each. I showed the gallery owner the set and she said she’d love to sell them. This is the first time I’ll have any art or products in this gallery and the first time I’ll be sell my cards at a brick and mortar business, so it is exciting.

  2. I’LL BE ILLUSTRATING THE MAY ISSUE OF METAPHOROSIS, SPECULATIVE FICTION MAGAZINE: I’ve illustrated the cover 3 times before, but it’s always fun and always good news to be doing a cover for this magazine with sci-fi and fantasy short stories. I’ve been sent a few of the stories to be in the May issue, so I can decide what to create for the cover. I think it will be hard to decide because the stories are so strange and interesting, full of fantastical imagery. I’ll be sharing the process and my progress in the weeks to come.

Do you have any bits of good news to break through the negative? Do tell. I could use some good news from you.

Here's to Strong, Strange, Amazing Women Who Refuse to Fit It In and Defiantly Be Themselves!

It’s International Women’s Day so I had to just say hooray for all the strange, strong and awesome ladies in my life. This seems an appropriate time to name a few of them.

There’s my Canadian graffiti artist friend who has always been a champion for my art even when it sucked when I was starting out! There’s my 80 year old gal pal who still swims on a regular basis and tells me to never give up even when the going has been very tough. There’s my Hungarian friend who is just the sweetest, kindest animal loving gal I know. There’s my Dodger loving babe who creates amazing crochet jewelry like a lotus bracelet for me.

My drawing of strange, mysterious women, titled, “Night Time Magic Girls in Masks”.  Detail of it is available as a $5.00 card here.

My drawing of strange, mysterious women, titled, “Night Time Magic Girls in Masks”. Detail of it is available as a $5.00 card here.

There are sooooo many more. Thank you, awesome ladies for being in my life! Hooray for you and hooray for all women everywhere. May you feel strong enough to be who you are in all your realness, in all your glory. I wish the same for myself.

Moons & Night Time Magic Girls for the Wizard World Comic Con (WIP Part I)

Here’s the first peek on the work in progress of one of the drawings I’m working on for the Wizard World Comic Con. I don’t want to say much about it since I keep things on the hush-hush until they are fully completed. But it is part of a series of drawings with moons and night time magic girls. I’ve been calling this one, “What We Do When We Are Queens”. I’ll reveal more in the weeks to come.

Moons & Night Time Magic--What We Do When We Are Queens WIP.jpg