Mysterious Masked Face Sculptures That Are Also Planters

I’ve been seeing the cutest planters in stores like ones with cat and bunny ears or even a funny, little face on one side. Of course, this makes for a most amusing place to pot your favorite house plant. Imagine the “green hair” growing in with the cat ears or the funny face. They made me smile, so I thought about buying them. Instead, I decided to create my own version. Being an artist of strange things, I thought I could make mine better, or at least, a little, more strange.


They ended up taking a lot more time than I thought they would…a total of about 1 month. Maybe, they were worth the effort. They certainly came out mysterious with those masks. And maybe, they are a little ghostly with so much white skin and clothing. Do you have any funny planters? Would you like a face to make your plant have more personality? Do you think these two planters are part of a Secret Society of Magical Creataures?

Ten by Ten Art Show, Featuring My Whimsical Sculpture, The Plantimals

It was a fun night at the Jill McVarish Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. We saw a woman in a very smart red suit, a pretty, little girl who talked about going to Paris and drawing, and we learned about water soluable oil paints (with which Jill McVarish paints). Oh, and of course, we saw my whimsical sculptures, The Plantimals. Below are a few photos of the lovely evening.

Jill McVarish Gallery November 1018.JPG
Whimsical Sculptures-Bunny Plantimals at McVarish Gallery.JPG
Red Suited Lady and Plantimals at Jill McVarish Gallery.JPG

The Work in Progress of the Whimsical, Fantastical, Plantimal Suclptures

My whimsical sculptures always start out so humble. The armatures (under skeleton) don’t look like much…after all, they’re made of plastic bottles, tape and the junk from my recycle bin. But give it some time and some homemade paper clay. Give it some sanding and drilling. Give it some paint and eventually, they transform into something fantastical and strange. These ones are called, Bunny Plantimals (plant + animals=plantimal). Now, they are for sale at the Jill McVarish Gallery in Astoria, OR. (I hope you enjoyed seeing the work in progress.)