5 Reasons It Is Full of Hidden Beauties: The Selected Artwork Book of Melissa Kojima

Yeah, there are a lot of hidden beauties in the art book I recently compiled and designed. They remain partly in secret and fully lovely for several reasons:

  1. Everyone who sees my art tells me that it is just beautiful, but not very many people have seen my art.

  2. Many of my artworks, whose figures and scenes are quite pretty, are about being hidden or not seen even when you’re out in the open.

  3. My art is also about beauty hiding what is really there and what is really happening, like a mask or curtain covering up loneliness, awkwardness, isolation and feeling worthless.

  4. Despite my art’s storybook-like look and style, it is conveying deep and dark subjects which at first appear whimsical but are, like fairytales, making it palatable enough to brooch the unsavory, difficult subjects.

  5. Lastly, and perhaps the most true reason my art book will keep remain a hidden beauty to you is if you pass up the chance to purchase it.

I only ordered a few of them which are available online here or during my Portland Open Studios visit in October 2019 (2nd and 3rd weekends). I have already sold quite a few of them and really appreciate those who have shown their faith in me and my artwork. If you like my work and want to encourage and support what I create, purchasing it is the best way to show me this. It guarantees my growth and progress and keeps you seeing my amazing art. Thanks for your support. See more of the inside images at this link.

Selected Works Art Book Cover Melissa Kojima.jpg
Digest Zine 1-Cover.jpg

When Stories Are Hidden, Do They Die An Untimely Death?

Recently I heard about a little girl who liked to tell stories about a mysterious cookie jar.

The cookie jar was shaped like a big Victorian house. It had a turret, winding staircases, and far more balconies than was probably wise.

The house-shaped cookie jar lived in the little girl's kitchen. When her grandfather came to visit in the summers, she would tell him stories about how the house was filled with secret passageways that led to secret rooms where there were secret tea parties. How the windows always shone brightly even in the middle of the night. How you needed to know the secret password in order to be let inside.

After a while, as often happens, the little girl started to grow up. She still told stories now and then, but mostly she scribbled them in notebooks that she hid in boxes that never saw the light of day. She began to wonder if there wasn't something a little strange about loving stories so much.

A few years ago, the little girl (who isn't so little anymore) moved to a magical place where, much to her surprise, she found other people who loved stories as much as she did. They also had boxes of notebooks (or sketchbooks, or photographs, or magical business plans) hidden in their closets. They also cried at movies and read books late into the night.

The little girl realized then that there were so many stories that were hidden, not being shared with the world. Because people were afraid. Because they'd been told their stories didn't matter.

But stories do matter.

I recently sat down with that little girl, whose name is Katy, as part of the Inspired Connections Summit, a free virtual event all about the power of stories and how we can use them to find other magical creatures like ourselves.

Creatures with amazing, inspiring stories that need to be told.

Join us, along with other creative lovers of stories, starting August 2. You can sign up for free here: Inspired Connections Summit.

Yes, There's Actually A Secret Coloring Book to Teach You A Secret Language

Have you ever wanted to be a member of a secret club with exclusive rights and privileges?  I'm nodding yes. And if that club happened to be all about magic and mystery, would that make it twice as intriguing?  I'm nodding yes even harder.  Now, if there was such a club and if you got into it, would it mean that you were something special?  Ummm.....YES.....you bet it would!  I think that's what the Secret Society of Magical Creatures is all about.  

And guess what?  They have a secret language that they teach you in secret messages as well as in their secret language book.  Below are some of the drawings before and after they were colored by a secret member of the secret society who owns the book.

Can you guess what these words mean?  Hmm...I'm not sure.  Whatever their meanings, they sure look mysterious and magical.  And what better way to learn a new language than in a magical coloring book!  Below is the secret link to get your secret language coloring book.  Now, you'll be able to feel extra special with exclusive rights and privileges that only magical creatures have!

Who Else Wants to Go on a Magical Quest Like Harry Potter?

When I read Harry Potter, I could relate to him being ignored and being abused by his cousin, aunt and uncle (The Dursleys).  It made me angry how they treated him like trash and like he was a burden upon them.  I knew what it was like not to fit in and yet to try.  Could you relate to this injustice?  Did you want some kind of revenge for the years of his mistreatment?  Discovering that he had magic felt like the most satisfying revenge he could get.  They thought he was nothing, but it turned out he was more amazing than they could have imagined.   

I had wanted my whole life for something like that to happen to me too.  You know, like guess what?  You're not really a loser.  You're not really just a misfit.  You've got something special that no one else has.  Plus,  you get to go on a magical quest and prove how amazing you are.  Who else wanted to go on a magical quest like Harry Potter?

Years later, I stumbled upon a whole world for those who felt like they didn't quite fit in, and who were daring and itching for adventure.  They looked danger straight in the eye without flinching.  Maybe, they even snarled to bring it on.  This world is "The Secret Society Of Magical Creatures".  And now, they have a complete book to guide you to discovering  your very own magical creature and magical quest.  Click on the link to get your book and to get your revenge for being ignored and abused.    

How to Speak Like A Magical Creature in the Secret Society

If anyone ever made you feel like you were stupid......if someone made you feel like you weren't good enough to hang out with them.....if you felt that wasn't fair.....then listen up.....because we want you to know that they were wrong.  Yep!  They were wrong.  

They might have whispered in front of your face like they were laughing at you or spoken in codes to make you feel like they were better than you.  No more.  It's your turn to be in on a secret that they don't know.  What secret is that?  

You get your own secret language when you become a member of the Secret Society of Magical Creatures.  Now, you get to speak in front of them like a magical creature.  

This mysterious society has words that are magical and hold the secrets to you becoming your magical creature and to discovering  your magical quest.  You can get all the secret language in a secret book at this link.  When you memorize the language, you become magical.  In fact, you hold the keys to becoming the magical creature that The Secret Society know you are.  Get all the secrets by clicking on the link above.