The Creeping Museum Invited Me to Their Art Market (August 24th, 2019)

As you may remember, I recently returned to Instagram. In doing so, I seem to have found the online gothic art community. I have been slowly building my audience of fellow artists and art enthusiast who love dark and macabre things, Halloween everyday, creepy cute art, and oddities and curiosities. If you are following me, I dare say, that you too must count yourself among this group of creepers and misfits. They sport names like “Haute Macabre”, “The Ghoul Next Door” and “Haunted Paper”, to name a few.

They also call themselves, “The Creeping Museum”. I was so happy to find them and even more excited to learn that they were in Portland, Oregon, my home, where I live. I followed them online and loved all their posts, including an announcement a few weeks ago that they will be hosting a carefully curated artist market here in Portland, Oregon. I was so happy I’d be able to attend it.

On the same day of their big announcement, they started following me. I couldn’t believe that someone with influence and power in the gothic community (23K+ followers) would like my art and my posts. That boosted my confidence and made me feel like I might belong which is not something I’ve felt before on Instagram.

Creeping Museum Artist Market PDX 2019.jpg

About a week after that, I got a message from them, inviting me to be a part of their artist market. I almost jumped out of my seat. It was such a surprise. They must have truly valued my artwork if they were asking me to join such amazing gothic artists. I thought about it for a few hours because I know I can do things in too much haste and on impulse. By the end of the day, I replied to their message with a big, fat YES!

Artists at the Creeping Museum Market 2019.jpb

Yes, I will be an artist at the Creeping Museum’s 1st Artist Market and Fairytale Salon! It is $10 to get in early and shop with less of a crowd for the 1st hour (3-4pm), but afterward (4-9pm), it is free to the public and anyone of you who also considers yourself a lover of oddities, creepy, spooky art, dark fairytales and divination and magic. Will you join us?

I will be posting more about how I’m preparing for this market, so stay tuned between now and August 24th. I can’t wait!!!

The Creeping Museum Early Bird Tickets.png
August 24 2019 Creeping Museum Artist Market.png