If You Come See My Strange Art, You Deserve A Discount on Admission (to Wizard World)

I don’t know if anyone I know will actually want to come see my strange art at the end of February 2019 at Wizard World. You see I neither know many people, nor many folks who would actually attend a convention to come see my artwork.

Fortunately, the people at Wizard World Comic Convention Portland, Oregon have much more faith in people I know than I do, so they were kind enough to give these elusive folks a discount on admission. Yes, if you count yourself among those people, please use the discount code below, because you sure deserve a discount. And you can count on me greeting you with my larger than life strange smile for I will be so happy to see you.

Wizard World Discount 2019 KOJIMA20.png

Wizard World Comic Con Here I Come (Armed with Strange Art)!

Come February 22-24, 2019, I will, for first time ever, be an artist in the Artist Alley at Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, OR. I’m nervous but I’m armed with strange art. I have no idea what to expect, yet I have this nightmare that no one will come to my table. If by chance they do, they’ll look at my art and poo-poo it. Their noses will turn up as they strut away as if they got a wiff of stinking garbage.


Fears aside, I will put my best foot—-errr——my best art forward. What do I have in mind? What’s the plan? Lots of good things I hope you’ll come see. I’m thinking zines, paper toys, prints and of course some original art. Ghost girls. Night time magic. Moons. Masks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures. These will all play a role in the strange art I display at my Artist Alley Table. I’ll give you some sneak peeks in the weeks to come.