In this third gouache painting, I finally understood what I was doing. Unlike the first two, I was able to control the blending of the paint much better, so the lights and darks became more subtle. I hoped to do that so they’d truly lend to the intrigue of this little portrait of a mysterious girl.

Mysterious Girl Painting in Gouache-3.jpg

Who is she? Does she seem shy? What are her interests? Would she rather be riding a horse through the pastoral, English countryside than posing pretty for a photo?

All 3 Gouache Painting Studies.jpg

Here are all 3 of the gouache painting studies. You know I’ll be practicing more. Hopefully, my next paintings will turn out as good as these ones. Seeing them side by side, it almost seems like they’re having a conversation. What do you think they’re chatting about? Can you hear their whispers? Will you let us in on the secret too?


I didn’t realize how much I’d been struggling with that first gouache painting until I did this second one. This time I decided to apply the paint thinner and let it flow a little more. The results are much better. I love her feathered hat and that mysterious smile on her lips. What is she thinking? Is she planning some mischief? What do you think? Don’t you love her?

Mysterious Little Lady Portrait in Gouache-2.jpg

You'll Love These Mysterious, Little Portrait Paintings In Gouache (Part 1)

I’d been wanting to try out some gouache paint for a while—-I mean the high quality Holbein kind that stick it to you with the price but give you that lovely velvety mat finish that only a good-quality gouache paint can. Someone had been hearing me say this over and over. Someone must have been sick of me repeating it because I received a set of Holbein gouache for Christmas.

Oh my! Finally! I could try them out! Thank you!

What should I do? How did I want to practice with them? I decided to do a series of little, mysterious portraits. You’ll see my gouache studies in the weeks to come. I didn’t have much time to do them, but it’s sure been fun doing these little studies. Here is the first one; a mysterious little man painting. What do you think? Don’t you love him?

Mysterious Little Man Portrait Gouache Painting-1.jpg


Here’s another peek at my desk as I get ready for the Wizard World Comic at the end of February. This is going to be “Lady Bat” and she will be available to purchase at my artist alley table. I’ll keep giving you more peeks in the weeks to come. If you do come, please use my discount code: KOJIMA20 for 20% off on admission price.

Lady Bat WIP Drawing-2.jpg

What Would You Bring to a Holiday Art Exchange? (The Tiniest Ring Master in the World Drawing)

I have been invited to a few white elephant gift exchange parties, but this was the first holiday party where I was invited to do a holiday art exchange. Everyone had to bring a piece of art they created and, just like a white elephant gift exchange, we drew numbers to discover which artwork we’d bring home.

I wasn’t sure what to create. I didn’t have much time, so I drew something tiny. In fact, I drew, “the Tiniest Ring Master in the World”. She is a sight to see, triumphantly perched on top of some kind of green stag beetle. You can see the work in progress below.


Of course, I was nervous about whomever would receive my art. Would they genuinely like it? Would they just pretend they were delighted by it? I mean, I really wanted someone to squeal with excitement upon opening it and seeing this tiny drawing.

Tiniest Ring Master Drawing on Desk WIP.jpg

The gal who won mine got a kick out of my Tiny Ring Master. Others said if she didn’t want my strange, little drawing, they would happily take it off her hands. But she kept it. That made me feel satisfied that I had done a good job.

What did I win in the exchange? Well, the artist was just as nervous as me, unsure and doubting his art. It was a large, canvas, drip painting by a good friend of mine in lovely purples, blues and pink that formed a pretty lady in all those splashes and blurs of paint. Of course, I was happily surprised to receive it. Now, I need to find a frame to make it shine and proudly hang it on my wall.

Mysterious Masked Face Sculptures That Are Also Planters

I’ve been seeing the cutest planters in stores like ones with cat and bunny ears or even a funny, little face on one side. Of course, this makes for a most amusing place to pot your favorite house plant. Imagine the “green hair” growing in with the cat ears or the funny face. They made me smile, so I thought about buying them. Instead, I decided to create my own version. Being an artist of strange things, I thought I could make mine better, or at least, a little, more strange.


They ended up taking a lot more time than I thought they would…a total of about 1 month. Maybe, they were worth the effort. They certainly came out mysterious with those masks. And maybe, they are a little ghostly with so much white skin and clothing. Do you have any funny planters? Would you like a face to make your plant have more personality? Do you think these two planters are part of a Secret Society of Magical Creataures?


Yes, I’m still working on getting new art done for Wizard World Comic Con at the end of February. Here’s a peek at what’s on my desk. You can see magic girls in masks and some night time things (Lady Bat). If you plan on coming to see all the strange art I’m creating, please use my special code (KOJIMA20) to get the discount you deserve.

Night Time Magic Girls Art on Desk-WIP.jpg

If you remember from last week, I was working on the moon drawing I’m calling, “What We Do When We’re Queens”. I have made a little progress on the lady’s dress and made her face a little more shadowy.

Moons and Night Time Magic Girls Drawing WIP-2.jpg

I’ll be sure to post more peeks as I make more progress.

Moons & Night Time Magic Girls for the Wizard World Comic Con (WIP Part I)

Here’s the first peek on the work in progress of one of the drawings I’m working on for the Wizard World Comic Con. I don’t want to say much about it since I keep things on the hush-hush until they are fully completed. But it is part of a series of drawings with moons and night time magic girls. I’ve been calling this one, “What We Do When We Are Queens”. I’ll reveal more in the weeks to come.

Moons & Night Time Magic--What We Do When We Are Queens WIP.jpg

The Secret Society of Magical Creatures Gets Strange at TEDx Mt. Hood 2018

Yes, this was one of the strangest…..dare I say, magical….opportunities that the Secret Society of Magical Creatures had last year. I didn’t get many photos to share with you of my TEDx Mt. Hood presentation, because….well, you know….I was presenting and couldn’t take photos. Not to mention, In the dark with candles on all the tables, it was hard to get a good, clear shot of the action. Officially, my presentation was called, “an action break”, in which participants could choose an activity to do between talks. The Secret Society of Magical Creatures was 1 of 4 activities to choose from. Fortunately, there was a professional, TEDx photographer to capture some of the strangeness .…er…magic.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-1.jpg

Another very fortunate thing was that Blick Art Materials helped sponsor my presentation. It was so nice to get some support and encouragement for this strange society which seeks to help you find your magical quest.

SSMC at TEDx Mt.Hood 2018-2.jpg

I took the participants through the first few secret documents from the “How to Discover Your Magical Creature and Magical Quest Book”. You can see the cover of the book above as it was projected on a white board. Some participants got brave and shared what they discovered with the entire group, including their magical creature. I found it very touching and many of us applauded their bravery.

If you’d like to buy your own copy of this very secret and magical book……maybe…strange is more accurate, I’m offering a magical discount on it for 1 week until Jan 22, 2019 . Use code MAGIC75 to get 75% off the regular price.

If You Come See My Strange Art, You Deserve A Discount on Admission (to Wizard World)

I don’t know if anyone I know will actually want to come see my strange art at the end of February 2019 at Wizard World. You see I neither know many people, nor many folks who would actually attend a convention to come see my artwork.

Fortunately, the people at Wizard World Comic Convention Portland, Oregon have much more faith in people I know than I do, so they were kind enough to give these elusive folks a discount on admission. Yes, if you count yourself among those people, please use the discount code below, because you sure deserve a discount. And you can count on me greeting you with my larger than life strange smile for I will be so happy to see you.

Wizard World Discount 2019 KOJIMA20.png