Melissa Kojima Chalk Drawing-Oct 2017-2.jpg

Strange artist

Melissa Kojima has never quite fit in anywhere and has been made fun of for being strange and different. She wonders if she’ll ever find a place where she belongs, so she creates artwork to express loneliness, awkwardness and journeys to explore the possibility of discovering where you belong. Her strange art with strange characters going on strange quests through strange lands is how she expresses what she knows the most; being a misfit in a strange world. You’ll find mystery, whimsy and darkness in her art, but also moons and magic.

You can contact her through email to chat about strange art. She’s also happy to add you to her newsletter so you won’t miss any of the strange events or strange art that she’s creating. Click the little round button below with the white envelope on it to let her know. You can also learn more about her by clicking the button below to read her artist’s resume.